Stewards of Avalanche Preserve Disc Golf Course

We're not just disc golfers. We're Michigan disc golf enthusiasts.
Let's take an active role in caring for our local courses!

About Us

Added in 2002, our beautiful disc golf course at the Avalanche Preserve Recreation Area in Boyne City, Michigan was in disrepair and needed some love. Trash and vandalism had become a big issue, and navigation was difficult for players who were unfamiliar with the course. We formed the Boyne Valley Disc Golf Club in 2013 in order to protect, maintain, and improve this wonderful asset to our community. We promote responsible game play, good etiquette, and keeping the course clean and safe for all park users. Our mission statement also includes growing the sport and volunteering to help other local clubs and courses. We ended 2014 with 76 members.

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Address = Boyne Valley Disc Golf Club, PO Box 712, Boyne City, MI 49712-0712
Email =

Club Director = Jason McCary, 231-459-8527,
Rob Wiltjer, Club Officer, 231-675-4623,
Secretary & Webmaster = Forrest Omland, 231-350-3660,

We're always looking for new members! Detailed membership page coming soon. In the meantime just email us for more info. Annual dues are just a $5 donation to the club.

Club & Course Progress

2013 First Year Accomplishments

  • Established a good relationship with the Boyne City Parks & Recreation Commission.
  • Grew club to 35+ members and held weekly league play on Wednesday nights.
  • Created scorecards and made them available at the disc golf course sign.
  • Provided additional trash barrels along the course (one for every hole).
  • Touched up paint on the original baskets and repaired badly damaged basket #6.
  • Added 14 new "next tee" navigation posts.
  • Improved several gravel tee boxes by adding new log frames.
  • Added perforated plastic tree protection on holes #3, #4, #7, and #8.
  • Installed 4'x6' rubber tee pad mats on holes #12 and #18.
  • Received city budget proposal approval to buy 10 new baskets in 2014.
  • Hosted our first annual "Haunted Hyzer" disc golf tournament in October.
  • Improved the course ranking on Disc Golf Scene from #99 to #57 in Michigan.

2014 Accomplishments

  • Grew club to 75+ members and continued weekly league play on Wednesday nights.
  • Installed 10 new Discraft Chainstar baskets (front nine holes + practice basket).
  • Adjusted all baskets to the correct height and added new number stickers.
  • Made a new path from hole #1 to #2 coming up from behind the tee pad.
  • Added a new tee pad on hole #2 using concrete pavers (trial material for evaluation).
  • Provided additional log benches along the course (one for every hole).
  • Hosted another very successful "Haunted Hyzer" tournament in October.
  • Course ranked #39 in Michigan on Disc Golf Scene with 73 reviews on 12/5/14.

2015 Goals & Accomplishments

  • Finish replacing all of the tee signs. DONE
  • Add wood chips around the tee pads, on the paths, and under the baskets.
  • Install several safety signs near some of the blind corners on the course.
  • Start upgrading all of the tee pads.
  • Relocate and refurbish the old disc golf course sign. IN PROCESS
  • Host a Northern Waters Series tournament on 5/30/15.
  • Host a "Boyne Valley Trilogy Challenge" tournament in on 7/12/15.
  • Host a third annual "Haunted Hyzer" tournament on 10/10/15.
  • Be among the top 30 ranked Michigan courses on

Future Goals & Ideas

  • Finish upgrading all of the tee pads.
  • Add short or long tee pad options on some of the holes.
  • Add 3, 6, or 9 additional holes to the course.

What's Going On

2015 Club Members (93)

  • Greg Argyle
  • Jason Barnum
  • Carrie Beemon
  • Mark Boring
  • Mike Briggs
  • Hunter Brisson
  • Gary Bruce
  • Josh Burns
  • Anthony Carpenter
  • Miles Chisholm
  • Chad Cole
  • Leah Cole
  • Dave D'Amour
  • Bruce Dixon
  • Justin Ducker
  • Corey Eaton
  • Logan Erber
  • Ric Evans
  • Jeff Fish
  • Amanda Fritsch
  • Bill Fuller
  • Dave Fuller
  • Bryan Gollnitz
  • Jennifer Goodwin
  • Dave Gross
  • Scott Gross
  • Michael Grubaugh
  • Marc Hamlin
  • Adam Harwell
  • Will Hasseld
  • Josh Henry
  • Aimee Hewitt
  • Adam Hillsamer
  • Aaron Himmelspach
  • Pat Hood
  • Joe Houser
  • Adam Hubble
  • Roman Idolski
  • Sam Kantola
  • Ryan Kasper
  • Martin Kirk
  • Kyle Klingelsmith
  • Eric Klooster
  • Rick Kole
  • Ethan Knott
  • Brian Kuhs
  • Johnnie Leigh
  • Todd Lewis
  • Erik Lundwall
  • Dave Maddox
  • Mike Madison
  • Raechel Massey
  • Jason McCary
  • Daryl Michael
  • Kyle Mihatsch
  • Michael Mitrovich
  • Justin Mosley
  • Mitch O'Brien
  • A.J. Oman
  • Forrest Omland
  • Charlie Pennington
  • Lindsay Pluister
  • Tom Pluister
  • Matt Powers
  • Chance Randall
  • Adam Raphael
  • Marty Schultz
  • Stephanie Seeley
  • Adam Sessions
  • Devin Simon
  • Joshua Siwek
  • Roy Smithkey
  • Jack Sovonski
  • Jacob Stahl
  • Chris Stone
  • Aaron Sulak
  • Amanda Sulak
  • Beau Tillotson
  • Taggart Tillotson
  • Bill Towne
  • Brian Turbin
  • Alissa Urman
  • Jenna Urman
  • Todd Urman
  • Russ Van Horn
  • Bobby Vance
  • Caiden Watkins
  • Marianne Watkins
  • Rochelle Wieber
  • Jacob Wilson
  • Rob Wiltjer
  • Jonathan Winslow
  • Matt Wixson
  • Italics = Founding Club Member
  • Bold = Honorary Lifetime Member

Recent Aces

Scott Gross
Avalanche Hole #3
Hanson Hills Hole #10
Hickory Hills Hole #24
Pat Hood
Avalanche Hole #18
Brian Kuhs
Avalanche Hole #8
Jason McCary
Avalanche Hole #7, flick shot
River Road Hole #8, Opto Villain
Charlie Pennington
Boyne Mountain Hole #16
River Road Hole #20
Beau Tillotson
Avalanche Hole #18
Todd Urman
Avalanche Hole #8
Rob Wiltjer
Avalanche Hole #3
Log Lake Hole #9